FEAR stands for fuck everything and run.


Checked-in flight and dropped bag off 2 hrs early. Flight at 3:10 and got to gate at 3:02 b/c was randomly chosen for full security search. Airline person said I cannot get on flight and must pay extra $259 to get on next flight. Original ticket cost was $240. Got this in an email. Thanks Alaska Airlines!


Street Beggars

On a typical day of going to and fro work or grocery shopping, I pass at least two beggars. They’re usually near the metro entrances, next to an ATM, outside grocery stores and Systembolaget, or walking around with a crutch with arm extended holding paper cup. This is really nothing new to me, after all NYC has their beggars too.

The main difference I’ve noticed is the street beggars here actually do vocally beg and kinda reach out to passer-byers. “Please.” and “Thank very much.” are common statements and any combination of that with extension of their paper cup. NYC beggars just sit around with a paper cup and that’s it, which I respect much more because they do not infringe on others. Their attitude is if you want to give money, please do so; if you don’t, so be it.

Street beggars here in Stockholm do irk me a bit. Then the other day, one woman beggar was sitting near an ATM and having a conversation on her mobile phone. REALLY?!! Now I hate them, all of them. And hate is a strong word.

Side note: this is more of a rant about about street beggars only. I have other view points about ‘entertainment’ beggars.


Mushy mushy…

I was hanging out with a couple friends and my guy at an outdoor bar when this guy stops in mid path and turns to me. “Mushy mushy.” Bows his head and walks on.

I should have demonstrated to him what that means. Translation - “mush my face.”

I’ll start punching him in the face and kick him in his balls. Because it could mean “mush my balls.” How the F@&$ should I know, but it would have been fun.


Cold Beer

The company had a small after work party at the office and I went to grab a beer. There were a few on the kitchen table but were room temperature. I asked a co-worker if he could grab a cold one from the frig for me. That same ‘more Asian with hair bun’ guy over heard and yelled, “oh is that how they drink beer from Asia?!”

What the F is up with this kid!

"I think people from Earth drink cold beer. I’m not sure where you’re from."

A few people standing around laughed and I walked away with a great sense of Satisfaction.


Hair up in a Bun

I walked into the office today with my hair tied up in a bun and first thing my co-worker said, “oh, you look more Asian today with your hair up.”

I really didn’t know how to respond and just said, “OK……” And moved onto discussing work stuff.


The Gnome with our Christmas tree. We need more presents!


A sense of calmness and tranquility seized my overly excited nerves to remind me that nature’s beauty is taking place.  I stand still and admire the falling white snow.    


Swedish Glögg

'Tis the season to be drinking the warm and flavorful 'glow wine' of Sweden: Glögg.  The hot spiced wine made of a combination of wine and brandy with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, orange peel, raisins, almonds, and sugar.  I heard some uses dried cherries instead of raisins and others add honey and maple syrup. 

If brandy isn’t your thing, substitute with whiskey, vodka or bourbon.  Whatever the combo, don’t forget to dip cinnamon cookies in it. 


Tough Sweds

I live across the street from a kindergarten, rain or shine the kids are out playing. Even with the freezing wind blowing, the kids are outside playing. All of them bundled up from head to toe and running around the playground. When it rains, their jumping into mud puddles and sitting in the dirt. The weather does not phased them away from enjoying the outdoors.

I know back in New York, the kids would be kept indoors even with dark clouds approaching. Parents would be concerned about getting their kids sick; being over protecting of their kids and any contact with germs.

One Stockholm parent said kids get sick, it’s part of growing up and living in this world. Once the kids get sick, their immune system gets tougher. Their bodies learn to endure more hardship as time goes on.

I was amazed! It all makes sense.

Tough Sweds are breed from their infancy.